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Water has an important part to play in civil construction like concrete, brick or rock structures. At precisely the same time, prolonged exposure to water nearly always causes accelerated aging or damage to these structures that are civil in the other or some kind. The existence of water also provides a conducive environment for microorganism’s growing making the substrates appear dirty and dull.

Advance Slab Leak Detection products for waterproofing offer powerful & efficient alternatives to these difficulties. The silane products depending on the progressive adaptation of organosilane chemistry make them waterproofed and react with the substrate.

Shield Its Contents from Wetness and Your Building

Advance Slab Leak Detection is the finest line of defense against below standard moisture intrusion and the insurance that is best for a dry, comfortable living space. Our waterproofing systems form a tough, flexible layer of waterproofing which protects foundation walls far better than conventional damp proofing products. Advance Slab Leak Detection are compatible with a broad range of protection, drainage or insulation class materials that provide insulating value, energy savings along with moisture intrusion protection.

Over the past 20 years, our applicators have waterproofed an incredible number of square feet of outdoor wall space, enabling builders and building owners to maximize available living space at an affordable price.
Advance Slab Leak Detection Waterproofing Systems provide these features:

• Reduces heat loss enhances energy efficiency
• Prevents air leakage and soil gas entrance
• Forbids wetness in the outside atmosphere, in the inside air, along with that introduced during construction from getting into the cellar, in the earth
• Channels rainwater and ground water runoff away from your house
• Professional bid packages and job documentation for building and code officials
• Local installment through the Authorized Applicator network of Advanced Slab Leak Detection
• Long term product and functionality guarantees