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Slab Leak Detection

What Are Slab Leaks and What Causes Them?

Repair and to comprehend the significance of slab leak detection, you have to primary know what causes them to occur in the first place, any leaking occurring in conduits that run underneath a house’s foundation. Because these leaks are of a solid material, they can be often hard when they begin to discover. They’re potentially very destructive to building material. Unless they’re detected and fixed, by cracking floors and walls slab flows begins to cause structural damage to a house.

Slab Leak Repair Options

Our Advance Slab Leak Detection specialist will provide repair choices once the leak has been located under the slab. Our experts have the equipment to find out exactly where a slab leak has appeared, and they won’t go digging up your floors blindly in hopes of finding the problem. Once they have found out the leak, they will decide what repair services are appropriate. In some cases, it may be adequate to simply repair the leaking water line; in others, rerouting the water lines is more effective. We tend to suggest rerouting and repiping since it supplies a new pipeline that has suffered less damage and is more likely to hold up in the future.

We Offer Slab Leak Repair and Detection near Charleston

The location and severity of your slab leak will ascertain the length of time it’ll take to repair.
In case you are concerned about a potential slab flow and want to discuss it call Advance Slab Leak Detection now. Among our Charleston plumbers begin and can find the process of fixing your slab leak before it gets any worse.

We are the Experts in Slab Leak Detection

If you found any leak under a base or in front of your home can have serious impacts; annoyed and walkways neighbors that are destroyed are just a couple of the possible exertion that worry for homeowners and can cause expense.
Advance Slab Leak Detection can help you through this scenario with at least stress and damage to your property.