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Repair your leak that is unseen by contracting our slab leak service team without doing unnecessary damage to your own property. Once the flow was located, our slab leak repair specialists can assess the situation and recommend the least expensive and non-destructive option. Our company has the necessary equipment to perform many different kinds of repair.

The simplest option is area repair. For this slab flow service, we open up a little segment of your concrete slab where the flow is located and fix the conduit. Spot repair is generally the most cost-effective solution for newer homes. Properties with older plumbing systems may profit more from a re-piping alternative. We simply replace the entire affected line if the conduits have a history of leaking. Some leaks need our epoxy pipe coating slab flow service. This fix involves a coating that is applied inside the plumbing to restore the pipes. It truly is ideal for plumbing systems that suffer from a string of smaller flows.