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Pool Leak Detection

Leaking pools can be a source of terrific stress and annoyance for pool owners, not to mention the large as well as the substantial expense that comes along with them in chemicals, water and heat being lost as an outcome of the pool flow. We at Advance Slab Leak Detection use state of the art leak detection equipment to accurately find all types of pool escapes inside the pool and outside.

To supply our consumers with the best probable service possible in finding and fixing leaks it must be ascertained what kind of leak the pool has. There are a selection of tests and tools that are designed for specific types of leaks.

Slab Leak Detection

What Are Slab Leaks and What Causes Them?

Repair and to comprehend the significance of slab leak detection, you have to primary know what causes them to occur in the first place, any leaking occurring in conduits that run underneath a house’s foundation. Because these leaks are of a solid material, they can be often hard when they begin to discover. They’re potentially very destructive to building material. Unless they’re detected and fixed, by cracking floors and walls slab flows begins to cause structural damage to a house.

Water Line Leak Detection

Take the Speculation Out Of Detecting Leaks with Advance Slab Leak Detection

At Advance Slab Leak Detection Services, we inquire a variety of above and below soil water leaks in Charleston for residential and commercial properties and evaluate.
We can offer water leak detection in Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Kiawah Island, west Ashley and surrounding suburbs.

Proven, Safe, Accurate, and Efficient

This advanced technology is exclusively accessible through Advance Slab Leak Detection and has been used efficiently through the world.
Correctly identify and locate leaks in small and large diameter pipes and in pipes of substances including metallic, plastic, and concrete. “All-in-one” flow detection and correlation coefficient.
Network configuration, while keeping the water system resides and in service or works in low or high pressurized pipelines irrespective of flow features – no need to empty or depressurize the water system.

Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation cracks normally come from foundation settling over the years. This can be an all too common occurrence with newer dwellings with poured concrete foundations. Water comes through, when cracks appear. That water eventually finds its way into your basement when water seeps in, through permeation or cracks. Many times you’ll feel or see wetness or mineral deposit spots where this has occurred. Foundation crack repair is crucial. After a comprehensive inspection we can offer the Advance Slab Leak Detection Solution. We can seal the crack. Some of our competitors will offer to inject these fractures with polyurethane merchandise or an epoxy.

Mold Remediation & Removal

Hire A Mould Specialist For Removing Mould?

Mold removal isn’t a “do it yourself occupation”. Mold removal necessitates professional equipment and training. Treating mold with household chemicals such as bleach can cause mold to spread and create expensive issues in your house. Contact Advance Slab Leak Detection for professional mold removal.

Advance Slab Leak Detection is certified for removing mold and you will meet our mold specialist to discuss a schedule for mold testing and remediation.


Water has an important part to play in civil construction like concrete, brick or rock structures. At precisely the same time, prolonged exposure to water nearly always causes accelerated aging or damage to these structures that are civil in the other or some kind. The existence of water also provides a conducive environment for microorganism’s growing making the substrates appear dirty and dull.

Advance Slab Leak Detection products for waterproofing offer powerful & efficient alternatives to these difficulties. The silane products depending on the progressive adaptation of organo silane chemistry make them waterproofed and react with the substrate.