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As an owner of the home, we run into all kinds of new experiences that we may never have given much thought to until it occurs, the dreaded, underground leak detection charleston. The water bill arrives and the consumption is higher than normal. In looking at the bill you realize it’s wintertime, your water consumption is down, but the bill says it is up as if its summer when your water consumption is higher. Then it hits you, a water leak! At some point, almost all homeowners run into this predicament.

There are a few things you can do earlier to calling your water department and a plumber.

Ensure no one is using any water, and shut off the ice maker, then go out and look at your water meter. This is a good indication that there may be a leak. If your meter has some dials on it, take note where the needle is at on each one. Leave the water off for 20 minutes and check back and note where each needle is pointing. If any needle has moved, this is a sign of a leak. Leak Detection has become the most important thing as far as power charges and consumption of time are concerned.

Next check your toilet, is it running? Look in the tank and confirm the water is below the overflow value. Put a little food coloring in the tank and let it sit for at least an hour. After an hour check, the toilet bowl is the watercolored, if so the tank is leaking into the bowl. That could be the leak.

If it’s not leaking, check all the valves and verify they’re not leaking. Check all noticeable water lines, look under the sinks, the hot water heater, the refrigerator and ice maker line, behind and under the washer, and confirm they’re not leaking. Confirm the outside hose bib faucets and make sure they’re not leaking. If you have a crawl space under your home, check and ensure it is dry and no pipes are leaking.