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Water Line Leak Detection

Take the Speculation Out Of Detecting Leaks with Advance Slab Leak Detection

At Advance Slab Leak Detection Services, we inquire a variety of above and below soil water leaks in Charleston for residential and commercial properties and evaluate.
We can offer water leak detection in Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Kiawah Island, west Ashley and surrounding suburbs.

Proven, Safe, Accurate, and Efficient

This advanced technology is exclusively accessible through Advance Slab Leak Detection and has been used efficiently through the world.
Correctly identify and locate leaks in small and large diameter pipes and in pipes of substances including metallic, plastic, and concrete. “All-in-one” flow detection and correlation coefficient.
Network configuration, while keeping the water system resides and in service or works in low or high pressurized pipelines irrespective of flow features – no need to empty or depressurize the water system.

Underground Water Pipe Leak Detection

They offer to reroute or replace the leaking water line. This procedure takes hours to perform and is old school. Merely to figure out which water line is leaking in some cases it will cost even hundreds to thousands of dollars before the underground water pipe leak is repaired.
Tracer gas equipment and our electronic amplification are designed specifically for underground water pipe leak detection in its surrounding communities and Charleston. The underground water pipe leak detection equipment enables us to let you know where the leak is.