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Foundation crack repair

Foundation cracks normally come from foundation settling over the years. This can be an all too common occurrence with newer dwellings with poured concrete foundations. Water comes through, when cracks appear. That water eventually finds its way into your basement when water seeps in, through permeation or cracks. Many times you’ll feel or see wetness or mineral deposit spots where this has occurred. Foundation crack repair is crucial. After a comprehensive inspection we can offer the Advance Slab Leak Detection Solution. We can seal the crack. Some of our competitors will offer to inject these fractures with polyurethane merchandise or an epoxy.

You are not alone if you’re a homeowner that cracks in their concrete foundation wall! Most houses, both new and old, will develop some foundation cracks. As outdoor waterproofing gradually deteriorates over time if the fractures aren’t leaking now, it’s only a matter of time that they’ll. If your cellar gaps are now leaking, now’s the time to repair them to prevent additional water damage and possible mold growing in the basement.

Use of Epoxy-supported Grouts as crack filler or control joint in concrete slabs or walls

Epoxy grouts are available that may be blended and toweled into a concrete crack or joint. These products are more inflexible compared to the control joint filers described above. In our view, epoxy grout filler may work fine to supply a well-bonded repair to floor crack or a steady wall in a place where there isn’t any anticipated additional move such as from temperature or moisture variations.