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Undetected leakage from production assets can cause environmental and safety issues, resulting in the loss of production, degraded product quality and reduced efficiency. Is health and safety your first concern? Is your product degrading because of air ingress? Is your installation running at reduced efficiency due to insufficient vacuum?Advance Slab Leak Detection has developed several on-stream leak testing methods to identify and resolve these issues.

Advance Slab Leak Detection highly specialized leak testing team is a leading authority across the spectrum of leak testing methodology. For the process industry, we have developed several methods for on-stream leak testing with tracer gasses (including helium, hydrogen and halogen).

Through injection into the system and detection via the asset exterior, or through internal detection, we deploy mass spectrometers to assess the condition of heat exchangers, valves, vessels, vacuum systems and other parts of process installations.

Valve testing, including tests needed for certification, is an Advance Slab Leak Detection specialist field. We have developed several testing methods for specific scenarios such as fire testing, testing after system revision and type certification in cooperation with a number of international bodies.

Other competences include gas cylinder burst testing for ISO cylinders and testing at cryogenic and elevated temperature conditions. We also perform more common leak tests such as ultrasonic leak testing and smoke testing.

Leak testing not only increases safety and reduces health and environmental risks, it has also been shown to increase the reliability and performance of process installations and power plants.